A Sedan Named ‘Victory’

You know that moment when a football team wins the Superbowl and the reporters run up to them and ask what they’re going to do now and how they all say “go to Disneyland/world!” or something like that? Now imagine you’ve found yourself on the winning side of the most massive war the world has […]


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The Blue Blouse Blues

Take a given problem such as illiteracy in Russian society during the early 20th century. Combine that with an eventful and turbulent political society. What is the end result? Individuals who are unable to consume print media detailing these events and therefore ignorance of all that is not word-of-mouth. But again, given a problem, what […]

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Realizing Realism

Valentine Serov, a portrait painter and contributor of the¬†Peredvizhniki, was a man who not only created art that was realistic and pleasing to the eye. He created works which evoked a sense of peace or turbulence, groundedness or lofty nature, with his use of color and impressionistic style. While some see the word ‘realism’ and […]

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